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The Water Champion programme call for application is closed. For any information kindly contact Freephone – 8007 2337 or send an email to [email protected]

What is the Water Champion project?

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Malta’s National Water Conservation Campaign will be investing in improving the water use efficiency in several households with the aim to motivate an overall measurable reduction in the annual water demand and to establish national water efficient benchmarks. 

Technical Officers from the National Campaign will visit your home, evaluate your water consumption and discuss with you measures which can be undertaken to improve water use efficiency.  Such measures can include soft measures such as the replacement of water use points or appliances, or hard measures such as the rehabilitation works on cisterns or the replacement of leaking water pipes. The campaign will fully fund the implementation of an agreed set of measures hence making your home more water efficient.

As part of this process you will be required to give access to the Campaign Technical Officers to your water and energy consumption data so that they can monitor, work out your energy and water savings as well advise you on the financial savings which you would have made.